Thomas Sander Made the first drawings of the Spirit of rotterdam


SailVolution is building a collaborative organization of networked individuals that want to contribute with their technical, scientific and professional knowledge
and capacities in the development open source   marine technologies and solutions primarily aimed at the reduction of the environmental impact of human activities on the oceans and improving the living and working condition of people in this environment.

SailVolutions principle of organization is Open Collaboration, a model of production that relies on spontaneous voluntary contributors to enable the production of a good or service, which is made openly available to contributors and non-contributors alike.

SailVolution’s set of core values are based on the principles of open sharing of information and  

 Thomas Sander | Sailvolution

Thomas Sander | Sailvolution

knowledge; the promotion of collaboration overcompetition and the desire to produce solutions and innovations for the benefit of many as opposed to the profit of few.